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Welcome on my website

My name is Habiba Calls Anjos and I decided to create awesome place in the internet where you find super guides with tips, tricks, hacks or cheats for my favorited mobile and computer games.
I making this place for you with my friend Mark and we are adding posts about games asynchrony.

A few words about me…

I student of Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, of course in Mexico. My specialization is programming computer games. For example, I am working I many interesting programs. This website is of course a part of my joined projects. But in this I, am a leader!
Another passion is English language. I think, this webpage can my exam on writing in this extra global language.
From another IT side, I am Linux big fan. Nobody knows that Android is Linux. Linus Torvalds big open source child is the greatest operating system on the world. On my PC, I have installed Linux Mint (of course in the latest release). As you know Linux is problematic only for old secretary and gamers. So, I have installed to Microsoft Windows 7 (good old system) to playing my favorite’s video games.

The best video games

I and my friend Mark have knowns a lot of good games. For example on Android I play always MARVEL CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS but Mark plays Pokemon GO. This is awesome games for casual players and child. And directly for this application We made this website.
We are thinking that anybody may know how to be the best in favorite game. This website is for you and our public community.

Public tips and guides 4 (for) computer (and mobile) games

It is our slogan of this free website project. If you be an expert in another game, please contact with us. If you can, join our small team and increase site content. We are accepting any computer or mobile game. Just contact with us and stay creative!
Remember, sharing is charring. 🙂